My mission at Center City Pets is to be the best pet care professional you and your beloved companions will ever know and trust, to offer high quality care and knowledgeable guidance, and to be the pet sitter and dog walker with whom you can build a strong, long-term relationship.

How did I become a pet sitter? I used to have a corporate job working insane hours — all-nighters were typical — until I was unexpectedly unemployed and wondering what to do next. That was over twenty years ago. Dogs and cats are good company, the hours are reasonable, and I never have to worry about hemlines or hosiery.

Except for rainy days, this job is perfect.

the website

You’re reading the latest version of the Center City Pets website. Putting most of the website together myself was made possible by extraordinarily generous web pros. And because I’m a noob parts may be broken or not work properly in which case I would appreciate hearing about it.

the blog

Your pet shares your home, accepts your love, and relies on your care—but do you truly understand why sometimes your pet behaves in ways that drive you nuts? The blog is intended as a repair manual for breakdowns in the human-pet relationship. Mostly about dogs, sometimes about cats though we all know cats can be magnificently inscrutable.

Throughout the blog I will refer to the pet as he. My use of the male pronoun is a matter of convenience and not an indication of any personal gender bias. The guidance offered on this website equally applies to all the she-loving pet owners out there.

comment policy

  • You are free to express your opinion.
  • I am free to express my opinion.
  • I can and will moderate any comment for any reason.

Comments that I deem to be snarky, off-topic, spam, involve personal attacks, or add no value to the conversation will be deleted. Comments in a kind and helpful tone will always be welcome.

Be civil. Be nice. Play fair. Have fun.

Service Area Map

Service Area Map covering Broad Street (Avenue of the Arts) to the Schuylkill River and from Walnut Street to Bainbridge Street

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