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Q. How are my home and pets protected while I’m away?
A. Center City Pets is insured through Pet Sitters Associates LLC. During the initial consultation I gather information related to health issues and behavioral tendencies to round out the pet profile. The service contract you will be asked to sign includes a release to obtain emergency veterinary treatment.
Q. When are your pet sitting services available?
A. My pet sitting services are available 7 days a week/365 days a year.
Q. Can I book service at the last minute?
A. Yes, though extra fees may be charged. Go here for more information.
Q. Will you pick up pet supplies if I forget?
A. Under normal circumstances picking up supplies is not a pet sitter responsibility. In all cases, a pickup fee will be charged in addition to the cost of the supplies.
Q. I’d rather not have a pet sitter visit my home, do you offer boarding services?
A. Sorry, Center City Pets does not offer any boarding or pet daycare services. Don’t be afraid to tell me if you’re a bit reluctant to let a stranger into your home while away. I’m confident you will feel more comfortable about it after the initial consultation.
Q. How many dogs do you walk at the same time?
A. Two dogs from the same household is my limit and this policy assumes both dogs have been trained to a reasonable level of on-lead cooperation.
Q. Do you have cancellation and early return policies?
A. Yes, but only because I need them. See policies for more information.
Q. Who will take care of my pets when you can’t?
A. I belong to a network of friendly professional pet sitters who would be willing to help out in the event of an emergency. The really good news is I have yet to call on any of them to cover for me.
Q. Can you administer medication to my pet?
A. Yes, I can administer topical or oral medication if the pet does not object to being handled.
Q. Do you return my keys after I return home?
A. Yes, I will gladly return your keys after you return home. But if there’s a chance you will need my services again, it is much easier if I already have your keys. After the initial consultation, I do charge for picking up and dropping off keys.
Q. Are you trained in pet first aid?
A. Yes, I am Red Cross trained and certified in pet first aid and CPR.
Q. How often should you visit to care for my cat?
A. In my experience one visit per day is sufficient for most cats though I will visit twice per day if you’d prefer. While I have accommodated client requests for every other day service in the past, that option is no longer available.
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