Developed over years of experience. Take a moment to review the list and avoid surprises.

Visit Policy. For your pet’s safety and well being the minimum requirement is one visit per day for cats and two visits per day for dogs while you’re away from home. This requirement does not apply to mid-day dog walk service.

Key and Fob Policy. Clients are required to provide one set of working keys (and fob where applicable) at the initial consultation. I will gladly return your keys and/or fob after you return home; however if there’s a chance you’ll need my services again, the charge for key and fob pickup and drop-off is $15 each way.

Shared Responsibility Assignments. It is my practice to avoid them. I cannot assume responsibility for your pets and property if third parties are invited to enter the premises during your absence. If you're not comfortable, let's talk about it.

Guest Pets. It is essential I meet guest pets before service is provided (this policy includes dog walk service clients). Guest dogs, in particular, can be unpredictable; I have been cornered by otherwise lovable animals who could not know I was expected and felt threatened by the intrusion.

Cancellations. non-Holiday: If you cancel at least 12 hours prior to a scheduled visit, you will not be charged for the visit. If you call me before 8:00am to cancel the scheduled mid-day dog walk, you will not be charged for the walk. Holiday: All cancellations received at least one week prior to scheduled service will be held as credit or refunded in full. Cancellations received less than seven days before a holiday will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. No refunds will be given on holiday service after the job has begun. New Clients: All cancellations received before service begins are subject to a cancellation fee of $30. I understand emergencies happen and when they do, I may choose to ignore the policy.

Early Returns. There are no refunds, partial or otherwise, if you return home early. If your trip is cut short due to an emergency, a refund will be considered.

Hard-to-Control Dogs. Unruly or fearful behavior on-lead is challenging particularly if the dog is large. I may refuse service if the dog’s combined height, heft, and pulling strength put me at a serious disadvantage.

Aggressive Dogs. I reserve the right to refuse service if your dog behaves aggressively toward me or toward passersby. The dog’s size, reward history and your commitment to changing the dog’s behavior will influence my decision.

Severe Weather. As a pedestrian I am not put off by snow or sleet though summer downpours with thunder and lightning can alter the dog walking schedule. Your dog’s patience will be rewarded when the storm subsides.

Contact Forms. Forms are for contact purposes only and strictly confidential. Center City Pets does not sell or distribute contact information to anyone.

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